First4Fruit Catering Service

Serving the catering sector

First4fruit Ltd is the leading supplier of fresh produce to the hotel & catering trade in the North of Ireland.
We work closely with our customers to learn what products work best for them. Then we work together with our suppliers to get the right products to meet our customer’s needs.

We stock a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, fresh herbs, dairy and dry goods.

We also offer a full range of prepared produce in sizes to suit the customer. Prepared produce helps a busy kitchen to save preparation time, cutting costs and improving efficiency.
We offer timed daily timed deliveries. Our 24-hour answering service order line allows you to access the needs of your kitchen after closing, so that you may place an order in time for the next day’s delivery.

We maintain our excellent reputation by supplying premium quality fresh produce and by committing ourselves to the total satisfaction of our customer.